Rules of Engagement

What time does ATLAS Drop II kick off?

Drop II goes live at 00:00am (London Time) on July 12th 2019.

Why should I pre-register?

Ruroc product launches and events go wild! Last ATLAS launch, every single Limited Edition helmet sold out in under 48hrs. That’s 6 months worth of forecasted production - gone in 2 days! Stock is limited and every second counts when grabbing the Limited Edition gear that you want. If you pre-register now, you'll save time at the checkout on launch day! Every second counts.

If you run out of stock, will you be getting more?

Limited Editions are limited. Period. Once they sell out, they will be sold out forever! Any helmet that isn't a Limited Edition will have a higher quantity of them constructed. However, we turn over our range of helmets periodically. So if you see a helmet you like, don't hang around, it may not be brought back into future drops!

How quick will shipping be?

ATLAS helmets are all constructed by hand. The new ATLAS range is built to order using Italian made Carbon Fibre. The fibres are all hand laid into a compression mould before being painted, assembled and rigorously quality checked. What this means is you will receive a helmet that is born just days after you've ordered it. As such, construction and shipping can take anything between 2 days and four weeks. However, since helmet stock is limited, you may not get the helmet you want if you wait. Protective EPS has a recommended life span of 3 years. Many helmets sold by retailers have been sat on their shelves for 1-2 years before you've worn it - this means the life of your EPS protection liner is actually immediately shorter than you think it would be! In some cases, the helmets that retailers are selling have less than 1 year of recommended use left.

What is ATLAS?

ATLAS is a super lightweight, well ventilated helmet with an insane aesthetic. It has an incredibly wide and high field of view, allowing you to see what you’ve been missing. The protective shell is made from Aerospace Grade T300 Carbon Fibre constructed in Italy. This gives us the highest quality of shell construction possible and ensures the safety of every single ATLAS. Once the Carbon shell is ready, it is sent to Asia for painting and assembly.

Exchanges / Returns

We are building stock to cover any sizing exchanges you may need! As per the usual terms and conditions on the website, you have 14 days from receiving the helmet to decide whether you want to keep your new helmet. If you want to return the helmet for any reason, just go to to start the process.

The launch will start in