The new standard for safety

ECE 22.06 Certified

ATLAS 4.0 is one of the first motorcycle helmets on the road to meet ECE 22.06. Not only that, we exceed all testing standards by a minimum of 20%, to give you the ultimate protection.

Enter your comfort zone

The fully re-engineered internals, including head-liner and cheek pads, take fit, comfort, acoustic control and support to a whole new level.

Tailor-made support

Our re-engineered cheek pads feature a bespoke multi-layered and multi-density foam construction, premium moisture-wicking fabrics and an enclosed zip to allow the fit to be tailored to each rider for the perfect level of support. This also allows for internal foam to be removed prior to hand-washing.

Leave the noise behind

The fully re-engineered internal lining is equipped with new sound-dampening inserts around the ear structure. This improves acoustic performance by 57%*, making it the quietest ATLAS ever produced.

* From ATLAS 3.0 vs our leading competitor

The smoothest ride yet

We've simplified the ATLAS 4.0 shell to reduce turbulence and enhance riding stability - allowing you to ride for longer, with less stress and strain.

Full climate control

Ride in any environment

Take full control of your helmet environment with open/close vents throughout - including the addition of a new top vent switch.

Go with the flow

The new ventilation system offers the rider the ability to control their average steady state head temperature by 15%, with a maximum temperature control of 30%. This allows the rider to tune their thermal comfort in both warm and cool climates.

Finely tuned, from the inside out

A new 3-part multi-density EPS structure takes safety performance to a whole new level. With increased impact and rotational performance helping ATLAS 4.0 to achieve ECE 22.06 certification

Reinforced by RHEON™

The world's first road-ready motorcycle helmet to feature RHEON™ technology. Next-level protection seamlessly integrated into the ATLAS 4.0 head-liner.

A new era of protection

Born from decades of research, including with NASA, RHEON™ is a highly innovative reactive polymer, with non-newtonian fluid properties, offering targeted energy dissipation against impact and rotational forces

Protection meets connection

ATLAS 4.0 is compatible with the Shockwave bluetooth audio system. With a 60% smaller microphone for improved fit and comfort, Shockwave is seamlessly integrated into the helmet and seamlessly connected to the world through 'Project R' - the next level in rider communication.

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Tech Specs

A closer look at the details of the ATLAS 4.0


1500 ± 50g

Helmet weight is based on a medium. Additional sizes will vary



Shell construction:

Carbon Fibre

Field of View:

215º Horizontal
100º vertical

Internal liner:

Rheon integrated & adjustable


2 Open/Close Switch Vents

(Chin & Top)



Pinlock Sold separately


Shockwave compatible

The Road to Launch

Check out the timeline below for when each newly developed element of the ATLAS 4.0 will be revealed

Jan 10

New features & Upgrades

Jan 14

Artwork & Paint Finishes reveals begin
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Jan 29

UK Demo Day
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Feb 04

Project R: The Future of Rider Comms
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Feb 05

US Demo Day
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Feb 18

ATLAS 4.0 Available to order
With same day dispatch

ATLAS 4.0 Launch Film

Artwork & Paint Finishes

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