Fast. Lightweight. Track Ready.

Welcome to the ATLAS 4.0 TRACK - Ruroc's fastest helmet to date & your secret weapon on the track.

Your Choice On The Track

Years in the making, through extensive testing & development, Ruroc brings you our track optimised helmet: the ATLAS 4.0 TRACK.

Seal of Approval

With ECE 22.06, DOT and ACU Gold Approval, this helmet performs on both the raceway and highway.

Lightspeed Performance

Weight = 1550g*

With a 10% total weight reduction, you’ll be a lightweight rider able to deal with some heavyweight track days.

*SM Starts at 1550g

Stable Styling

Evenly channel wind resistance across your helmet with a new performance rear spoiler and capped side vent caps.

Track Ready

Fitted with a DD chinstrap, the ATLAS 4.0 TRACK meets the required race and track regulations for safety.


Designed with a rubber seal on top of the visor, the ATLAS 4.0 TRACK cuts out wind invasions. Allowing your vision to stay cool and clear.

RHEON - Unique Safety

Headliner Included

Lined with industry leading RHEON™ protection technology, the ATLAS 4.0 TRACK is the first of its kind to feature this innovative impact liner.



Orders are shipped tracked & fully insured for your peace of mind. In stock items will be dispatched within 24 hours.

Independently tested

Your helmet has undergone extensive safety testing above and beyond the DOT & ECE 22.05 standards.

Engineered in the UK

Our helmets are designed and engineered in the UK.

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