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The RG1-DX is more than just a ski & snowboard helmet, it's a system. The RG1-DX comes with a super tough ABS shell, patented RAID EPS liner, premium Magloc goggles, Nastek lenses, built-in RECCO avalanche rescue technology, Rheon impact liner and a mask tested and proven to -20! Capture every moment with the integrated action camera mount beneath the visor.  Every RG1-DX helmet shell is compatible with our Shockwave Bluetooth audio system.

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    Shadow Chrome Magloc Goggles
  2. In Stock
    Shadow Chrome Magloc Asian Fit Goggles
  3. In Stock
    Nova Magloc Goggles
  4. In Stock
    Nova Magloc Asian Fit Goggles
  5. In Stock
    Eclipse Magloc Goggles
  6. In Stock
    Eclipse Magloc Asian Fit Goggles
  7. In Stock
    Void Magloc Goggles
  8. In Stock
    Void Magloc Asian Fit Goggles
  9. In Stock
    Viper Magloc Goggles
  10. In Stock
    Viper Magloc Asian Fit Goggles
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    Core Magloc Goggles
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    Shockwave for 2016-2018 helmets
  13. In Stock
    Shockwave for Sept 2018 helmets
  14. In Stock
    Core Magloc Asian Fit Goggles
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    Inferno Magloc Goggles

Items 31-45 of 89

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