Optional Helmet Cover available for purchase with any ATLAS, Shockwave, RG-1 or RG1-DX.

This entitles you to replace your ATLAS, Shockwave, RG-1 or RG1-DX in the event of a crash! Send the broken component back to us and buy a brand new one for HALF PRICE!

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Product Description

The Crash Replacement Scheme is available worldwide and guarantees a 50% discount on the replacement of the broken component whether it is just the lens, mask or the solo helmet. Crash Replacement Scheme must be added to your purchase of an ATLAS, Shockwave RG-1, RG1-X or RG1-DX Helmet before completing checkout. Crash Replacement is only available at time of original purchase of an ATLAS, Shockwave, RG-1, RG1-X or RG1-DX and is non refundable.

Ruroc will always endeavour to provide your choice of replacement component but we reserve the right to substitute an alternative component should your preference not be available at the time of redemption at our absolute discretion. In the event of any kind of dispute, the extent of Ruroc's liability under this program will be the cost of refunding the Crash Replacement Scheme fee, where applicable. The Crash Replacement Scheme is non transferrable. The Crash Replacement Scheme can be redeemed any time after the original purchase. Offer is valid for 2 years from time of original purchase. Original receipt must be provided at time of redemption. Original damaged components should be returned to Ruroc at the time of redemption before the 50% discount can be claimed. Standard shipping rates will apply. Crash Replacement Scheme cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other offer or promotion and the 50% discount will only apply to the full RRP set by Ruroc at the time the scheme is claimed. Crash replacement can only be used to purchase a Limited Edition helmet if the original helmet purchased was also a Limited Edition. Offer may be withdrawn at any time.

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