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With our brand new ATLAS 4.0 motorcycle helmet range, we are releasing a small line-up of short sleeve premium 100% cotton t-shirts. With our LITE Outrun and ATLAS 4.0 Outrun helmets both featuring the classic throwback 80’s vibe and the t-shirt is definitely no exception. The Outrun Tee features an arcade dinosaur in front of the classic 80’s retro sunset with the original cassette on the rear face of the shirt. The front embodies 80’s themed Japanese text with the Ruroc slogan. This t-shirt is perfect for all those retro lovers out there as it offers a perfect nostalgic 80’s throwback. Why not pair it with the ATLAS 4.0 Outrun for the ultimate retro setup. It’s time to level up your game and get the Outrun Tee, rock those 80’s vibes everywhere you go, on and off the bike. Couple it with one of our Enginehawk jackets if you want to fully kit up with ultimate style.


Expertly made from 100% cotton.

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