ATLAS 2.0 Carbon Helmet - Shogun

Rule the roads in a Ruroc motorcycle helmet... the Shogun leads the pack! Built with the military-grade carbon-fibre shell of the Atlas 2.0 range. It's lightweight, nonrestrictive & packing strength! Wrapped in red, gold & silver decals that fuse feudal Japan with ground-breaking modern artwork! Fitted with the Fidlock magnetic chin-strap, Bluetooth compatibility, removable/washable comfort-padding & emergency-release cheek-pads! DOT & ECE 22.05 approved!
Ships with a clear visor for road-use and a dark-tinted visor for track-day purposes! Pinlock & Shockwave available for separate purchase!

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ATLAS 2.0 Carbon Helmet - Shogun

The Complete System

The Atlas 2.0 has been engineered to excel. With T-300 Aerospace Grade Carbon-Fibre it's stacking strength & durability. The only thing it lacks is weight... oh & a tool for the visor. It's remastered with a new twist-to-switch function & a ratchet mechanism for tactility & performance!

Internally restructured for an improved fit & extreme comfort. You'll never want to take it off. Bluetooth compatible with closed ear-vents, the only thing you'll hear is the Shockwave (sold separately). Pinlock available for purchase (sold separately). One step forward, 2.0 steps further. DOT & ECE approved.

Visor Mechanism

Every Atlas 2.0 helmet is installed with a cog-wheel ratchet mechanism for stepped visor movement. It's now fluid, consistent & completely under your control. Fitted for function! Integrated with a visor locking pin to keep it tightly shut at high-speeds.

Ventilation Control

An open & close chin-vent that puts you in control. Regulate your oxygen intake & keep noise to a minimum. We've closed the ear-vent. Less wind-noise, less distraction. It's a breath of fresh air.

T-300 Carbon-Fibre & Interior

T-300 Aerospace Grade Carbon-Fibre Shell. Light-weight but stacking strength & safety certification. DOT & ECE approved. Internally restructured with an EPS liner that breathes comfort & offers a secure & spacious fit. Easy-release cheek-pads to assist in emergency helmet removal.


Buckle up with multi-award winning technology. For a magnetic strap-in whether you've got gloves on or not. Safety certified & efficient!

Pinlock Ready

Anti-fogging technology that makes visual clarity an absolute priority. A visor insert with moisture-absorbing material to clear the way. Available for purchase (sold separately).

Bluetooth Compatibility

Bluetooth compatible in-helmet audio system. Light-weight & water resistant! Plug into your favourite tracks & hit the road! Hands-free phone calls with 8-hour play-time & on-the-go charging too!

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