ECE 22.06 認證

"Achieving the ECE 22.06 certification with ATLAS 4.0 launches us into the next era of motorcycle helmet safety. Shell developments have enabled us to reduce our impact scores to their lowest values yet, while RHEON integration has halved the transmission potential of rotational energy to the brain. The refined fit of the new liner is built around anthropometric analysis and kinematic studies of helmet impacts, ensuring maximised impact attenuation with premium comfort." -工程部主管

ATLAS 4.0 不僅滿足 ECE 22.06 測試要求,我們還超過了標準至少 20%

What's the best motorcycle helmet safety rating?

ECE 22.06 is the most sophisticated road helmet standard, but that is only legally applicable to EU countries. FIM is a slightly more rigorous version of the 22.06 standard, but that is only specific to track riding, and the additional aspects of it are really only relevant to high-speed riding. All of our ATLAS 4.0 motorcycle helmets have achieved the ECE 22.06 safety rating.


ECE 22.06 是歐盟國家摩托車安全帽所需的標準,它是目前為止最複雜的公路安全帽標準,有超過 10 種不同類型的測試,所有這些共同構成了測試過程。

賽道騎行特定的 FIM 資格非常嚴格地遵循 ECE 22.06 測試過程,略微增加了一些測試限制,目的在應對非常高速的騎行。這對於 SHARP 評級也是一樣的,只是 SHARP 在計算整體性能時會為每個影響點添加一個權重因子。這是基於對每個點產生影響的概率,以確保增強統計上的安全評估。

Achieving ECE 22.06 status with ATLAS 4.0 motorcycle helmet was absolutely key to us achieving our safety improvement aspirations, and in fact, we surpassed all the testing requirements by a minimum of more than 20%. Making this full-face helmet by far the safest ATLAS yet!

What makes a motorcycle helmet safe?

ECE 22.06 是最複雜的公路安全帽標準,但在法律上僅適用於歐盟國家。 FIM 是比 22.06 稍微嚴格一點的標準,但那只是特定於賽道使用,而它的附加測試實際上只與高速騎行有關。我們所有的 Atlas 4.0 摩托車安全帽都達到了 ECE 22.06 安全等級。

• 線性衝擊吸收

外殼成分的剛度和強度與 EPS 厚度和密度之間的平衡是在碰撞過程中吸收和分配能量衰減的關鍵。最大限度地減少傳遞到騎士頭部的衝擊量。 ATLAS 4.0全新的三件式多密度EPS結構將這一個領域的安全性能提升到一個全新的水平。

• 旋轉衝擊吸收

事實證明,旋轉衝擊是導致永久性改變生命的腦損事故的主要原因。摩托車安全帽應設計控制這種旋轉加速度,以確保將傳遞到大腦的衝擊力降至最低。 ATLAS 4.0 使用非牛頓反應性聚合物 RHEON 來降低這種能量,使旋轉衝擊測試結果超過最新的 22.06 要求 50% 以上。

• 抗穿透性

控制外殼的柔韌性和拉伸性能有助於確保安全帽可以保護騎士免受尖銳物體刺穿。碳纖維因其出色的抗拉強度和柔韌性而被使用,而其輕質特性確保安全帽盡可能輕。可以添加先進的複合材料,例如芳綸,如 Kevlar,以增強這種穿透性能。

• 合身和位置穩定性

A snug fit with little to no rotational or linear motion of the helmet on the head will ensure that the helmet stays in place while riding (accelerations, braking, shoulder checks, cross-winds). This prevents distraction, reduced visibility, and will guarantee that the helmet is in the perfect position to maximise impact performance during a crash. The new ATLAS 4.0 liner has been tuned through user trials and wind tunnel testing to deliver enhanced fit and safety perception (snugness), which in turn results in the smoothest riding experience from our ATLAS motorcycle helmet range so far.

• 可見性

Maximising the field of view, both vertically and horizontally, ensures that the rider can see as much of the road as possible at all times. This needs to be accompanied by the ability to maintain a fog-free visor. Better visibility gives the rider more chance to spot and avoid more hazards. ATLAS 4.0 has been designed to have a field of view that exceeds the human peripheral potential, so the rider's vision is not limited by the helmet. The patented RAID system of the ATLAS helmet contributes to a self-regulating demist function. This combined with a Pinlock insert results in a fog-free ride in almost all conditions. Every ATLAS 4.0 helmet can be customised with a range of colour visors, each of the ATLAS helmet visors has been specifically designed to fit seamlessly with the ATLAS helmet.

• 強大的保持力

Having a strong and reliable retention system (chin strap & buckle) is essential to the safety of a helmet. The helmet MUST remain on the riders head and in position at all times. A safe retention system is one that can complete the static and dynamic retention tests of the certification standards, withstanding tears, abrasion, elongation and fraying. Each ATLAS 4.0 motorcycle helmet comes equipped with the tried and tested Fidlock buckle, which has been shown to be strong enough to lift a motorcycle off the ground, plenty strong enough for the job.

Safety is everything and testing is at the heart of what we do. See here for more information on ATLAS safety ratings and testing.

Can you add bluetooth to a motorcycle helmet?

Yes! The ATLAS Shockwave 4.0 is the perfect Bluetooth audio accompaniment to the ATLAS 4.0 full-face helmet. The Shockwave is seamlessly integrated into the helmet and connects to the world through 'Project R' - the next level in rider communication.


We wanted ATLAS 4.0 to be one of the first motorcycle helmets on the road to receive the ECE 22.06 certification. Our extensive testing process, both at our in-house facility as well as the renowned 'Helmet Lab' at the VIAS Institute in Belgium, not only ensured that we hit the necessary requirements, ATLAS 4.0 surpasses all by a minimum of 20%. Check out all the safety testing data in the document below

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