ATLAS Visors

See more of the road

See more of the road

“Too many accidents are caused by blind spots… That’s why ATLAS has 215º of horizontal Field of View… Maximising peripheral vision“

Vision reinforced

“Rider vision is absolutely paramount to our customers… that’s why our visors come with crystal clear optimal clarity… each visor is protected with an anti-scratch coating layer”

Take it to the edge

The all new edge-to-edge visor. Insane clarity and detail. See the road like never before. Now with more colors options than ever.

New demist position

A little air makes a big difference. Atlas 3.0 has a whole new visor step. It’s Pinlock ready so you'll never have issues with fogging ever again.

Open it up

Atlas 3.0 has one of the largest field-of-views on the market. See more of your ride than ever.


Removing the visor cover has improved aerodynamics, and therefore reduced wind noise dramatically.


Enjoy a smoother ride and less turbulence at high speeds with the new Atlas 3.0.

Tested for years in a single day

“We have invested in in-house visor testing equipment so we can test the visors to their limits”

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