Free yourself from hesitation in the armour of a Guardian. Now is your time to sit in the seat of legends.

Sharpen your focus. Honour your freedom. Ride.

Marked with the eye of Horus, the design watches over you on every ride. A decorative gold trim will draw attention to your skill for any who dares challenge you.

While the road is long, you always remain focused. Ocean roads or mountain passes, let your journey know no bounds with the Komainu’s protection. Crafted with two mighty Fu dogs, your guardians are sworn to your safety on every ride.

The Nomad marks your place in this kingdom. With symmetrical styling, highlight your role as a leader and guardian of your people. When storm clouds dawn on the horizon, you are the one that stands strong.

Classic medieval styling allows you to bellow down the road in a fearless pursuit of conquest. Place this crown upon your head and call on the Invicta’s divine right of protection when riding into battle.

Laced with gold trim, the Daimyo draws its style from Japan's shogun warriors. Silk red decal weaves together ancient traditions that allow you to strike with furious precision.

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