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Caratteristiche principali
  • Certified for track usage with ACU Gold and road riding with ECE 22.06 & DOT
  • 10% lighter weight construction than ATLAS 4.0 with refined Carbon Fibre shell and performance liner & cheek pads
  • Track-optimised aerodynamics through new performance spoiler and side vent caps
  • Track approved DD-ring chinstrap
  • RHEON integrated headliner - the world’s first track-ready helmet featuring RHEON technology
  • New upper visor seal for reduced wind and moisture ingress
  • Ultra-wide field of view - see more of the track (215° width x 100° vertical)
  • Compatible with Shockwave Bluetooth audio system
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Descrizione del Prodottto

Welcome to the ATLAS 4.0 TRACK. Ruroc’s fastest motorcycle helmet to date. Through intense rounds of testing, our special ops team has modified the original ATLAS 4.0 helmet into a track day weapon. The key in this process was achieving the ACU gold certification, DOT and ECE 22.06. Riders can now take to both road and the Track with this seal of approval.

On Track is when this helmet really gains traction. With a 10% overall weight reduction, you won’t have to worry about sacrificing protection to save extra seconds. An extended rear spoiler helps even airflow across the helmet and rider. And when coming out of a tucked position new capped side vents reduce shuddering to keep your head steady.

We are not here to set any lap records. We are here to find our place within this unique crew of riders. It is time for us to take to the Track and forge a new dawn in the ATLAS journey.


In the box:

  • ATLAS 4.0 Track helmet with clear visor and upper seal fitted
  • Helmet soft bag 
  • Tinted visor with upper seal in soft bag
  • Pinlock 120


Seal of approval

The new ATLAS 4.0 TRACK has the green light for both road and track riding. With an ACU Gold Approval in protection, you’ll have the backing of one of the most globally recognised track helmet safety standards. If you're one who likes to ride home from the Track, DOT and ECE 22.06 certifications guarantee any stretch of public tarmac is also within your right to ride. Certification standards may differ by region. 

Light speed performance

Years of refinement and development have come together to bring us here. The ATLAS 4.0 TRACK is lighter than previous models but still capable of dealing with heavyweight track days. Through changes to the carbon shell, the ATLAS 4.0 TRACK reduced its overall weight by 10%. Next time you're stripping your bike down to gain those extra few seconds, know that your helmet has done the same. 

Stable styling

Sculpted with our iconic lines and a smooth carbon shell, the ATLAS 4.0 TRACK reduces shudder caused by wind resistance. Aided by a rear spoiler and capped side panels, these additions help manage the lift, drag and pitch of your helmet. Now you’ll be able to cut through the air and cut down your lap times.

Track ready

The DD chinstrap is the unsung hero in the ATLAS 4.0 TRACK’s development. To comply with Track regulations all helmets must be fitted with a DD style strap. While we have updated many of the ATLAS 4.0’s original features, the DD strap is a traditional, tried and tested feature, that was a must on this helmet.

Unique safety 

Lined with industry leading RHEON™ protection technology, the ATLAS 4.0 TRACK is a first of its kind. With over 15 years of development, RHEON™ liners control both direct and rotational forces by reactively stiffening upon impact to reduce energy passed through and into the head. While we can’t reduce the likelihood of a crash, we’ve done our best to reduce its after-effects.


Like any sport, you’re going to break a sweat when out on track. While vents help manage temperature levels in your helmet, unwanted drafts can cause moisture to form on your visor. Designed with a rubber seal on top of the visor, the ATLAS 4.0 TRACK cuts out wind invasions. Allowing your vision to stay cool and clear. 


If you can’t see, you can’t push your limits. With 215° of peripheral vision and 100° vertically, you’ll be keeping an eye on every part of the Track. Spy every breaking marker when tucked and see well beyond the apex of the bend with the ATLAS 4.0 TRACK's extensive field of view. 

Sounds great

Listen to your favourite playlist to get in the zone. The ATLAS 4.0 TRACK is compatible with the Shockwave Bluetooth sound system. Doesn’t that sound great?

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