.50 Cal UV Black

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Caratteristiche principali
  • AA grade tear and abrasion resistance
  • RHEON® Level 1 central back, elbow and shoulder armour included (Level 2 upgrades available)
  • Two Velcro fastened stow pockets and one upper chest zip pocket inside the garment
  • Accordion back with elasticated Action back for enhanced movement
  • Zip fastening cuff plackets can fully open to enable sleeves to be folded back for ventilation
  • Discreet elasticated internal belt loops to be able to attach to your regular belt/trouser loops
  • Padded diamond quilting on the shoulders and back lumbar
  • Top-stitched seams to hold the firm leather seam allowances flat
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Descrizione del Prodottto

They say it's better to be seen and not heard, but we like both. Moonlight, streetlights, headlights; the .50 Cal UV full-grain leather motorcycle jacket illuminates like a tracer in the night - powerful, yet visible, no matter the conditions. Light up the road with confidence and style.

Utilising state of the art charcoal reflective UV leather, the .50 Cal UV reflects the pinnacle of night-time safety. Clean, sophisticated and minimal, day or night. Strong, classic biker styling, reinvented for the 21st century. Iconic style meets modern technology.

The .50 Cal UV features the standard two-way centre front zip for riding comfort and easy access to the inner pockets without unfastening the jacket. The pocket linings are made from a mesh fabric that also doubles as air vents. In case you are using the side pockets as vents, do not worry as we also added two Velcro fastened stow pockets and one upper chest zip pocket inside the garment. This was to ensure there is enough secure storage space, even when the outer pockets are used as vents.
The body of the jacket is lined with a robust mesh fabric that maximises breathability, airflow and weight reduction. Whilst the sleeves of the jacket are lined with a tough yet smooth fabric to reduce lining drag when taking the jacket on or off.

The .50 Cal UV’s speciality is low light visibility and the .50 Cal UV packs a punch for nighttime visibility with its fully loaded charcoal reflective panels which are finished with cowhide texture to complement the premium full-grain leather of the .50 Cal. Our premium full-grain leather provides a classy look in regular light with the charcoal reflective bands blending right into the jacket and becoming more of a styling feature but hit it with a headlight and the jacket springs to life shining your presence to let other road users know where you are. With all of our jackets, you get our exceptional styling and contouring to give yourself a mean confident persona on and off the bike, the .50 Cal UV is no exception with its expertly placed seams and panels creating an amazingly badass jacket.



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