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Nous sommes Ruroc

To lead the revolution and redefine motorcycle protection. Ruroc is here to save lives, to stand out and push the boundaries. Driven by passion and built around our riders. This is Protection Re-Engineered.

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Notre casque phare de moto intégral en fibre de carbone. Notre casque le plus sûr, le plus silencieux et le plus confortable jamais conçu.


DOT FMVSS 218 ECE 22.05
  1. ATLAS 4.0 Komainu - Motorcycle Helmet - Ruroc
  2. ATLAS 4.0 Daimyo - Motorcycle Helmet - Ruroc
  3. ATLAS 4.0 Invicta - Motorcycle Helmet - Ruroc
  4. ATLAS 4.0 Horus - Motorcycle Helmet - Ruroc

La nouvelle norme de sécurité

Certifié ECE 22.06

ATLAS 4.0 is one of the first motorcycle helmets on the road to meet ECE 22.06. Not only that, we exceed all testing standards by a minimum of 20%, to give you the ultimate protection.

Vestes Moto

British-born, and built by the founders and creators of Ruroc - Enginehawk was created to revolutionise the motorcycle industry and completely redefine what protective wear can be.

Vestes de moto

DOT FMVSS 218 ECE 22.05
  1. Jackal
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    .50 Cal UV Black
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    Hawkeye UV
    De: 320,00 $CA - 650,00 $CA
  4. .50 Cal
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Notre engagement envers vous

Safety is at the heart of what we do. All of our jackets undergo rigorous and extensive safety testing to achieve optimal UKCA and CE approval ratings.

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