The Carbon Series

The Carbon Series exposes the beauty of the T300 carbon fibre weave construction, bringing into focus the balance between technical excellence & design aesthetics.


The Liquid Carbon Ruby is no diamond in the rough. It’s your centrepiece of style and protection. A glossy carbon finish intertwined with a cosmic red colour tone helps deliver a pristine grade of safety for every rider.


Inspired by the intense chemistry of planet creation the Liquid Carbon Emerald is brutally tough. Combined with a high-tech carbon fibre weave this helmet runs fast and light whilst maintaining a natural beauty on the road.

Liquid Carbon

The classic Liquid Carbon as seen in the previous generation comes with all its shiny glory to the new ATLAS 4.0 full face motorcycle helmets line up. An ultra-futuristic design that has been crafted with expert precision and dedication, exposes the raw hand laid T300 carbon fibre weave of the helmet with a clear gloss coating.

Raw Carbon

The new ATLAS 4.0 full face motorcycle helmet brings back the illustrious Raw Carbon finish design of our second generation of helmets. The ATLAS 4.0 Raw Carbon motorcycle helmet shows off our T300 raw carbon fibre weave, showcasing the expertly hand-laid carbon weave encased in a clear matte coat.

Nebula Carbon

The ATLAS 4.0 Nebula Carbon full face motorcycle helmet has all the glamour of the Liquid Carbon but takes it a step further. Instead of a clear coat, the Nebula Carbon shows off an elegant, deep space theme with mesmeric iridescent hues of purple and blue in a clear coat covering the T300 carbon fibre weave.


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