The World’s Leading Helmet For Unrestricted Movement, Open Vision & Energising Airflow

Move Freely. Breathe Freely. See Freely.


Freedom & Protection

Rideout with the lightweight strength & durability of military-grade Carbon-Fibre. Weighing in at approximately 1400g’s (+/- 50g). Neck-pain & rider discomfort ain’t a thing in the Atlas 2.0! Available in 15 ground-breaking & epic designs! With optimised air-flow, unmatched field of view & extreme comfort cheek-padding. Stay free from limitations!
Prioritise protection with DOT & ECE safety-certifications, emergency-release cheek-pads & the Fidlock buckle chin-strap. Integrated with Bluetooth Compatibility
Shockwave in-helmet audio system & pinlock anti-fogging technology both available for separate purchase!

Safety Certifications
ECE 22.05
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Take protection seriously with industry-leading technology

Protection Re-engineered

carbon-fibre. Heavy-Duty Protection In It’s Lightest Form.

For Unrestricted Movement, Sense Of Freedom & Safety Assurance.

Safety In Numbers

  • Helmet weight: 1375 grams (+/-50g)

  • Atlas 2.0 received an Impact Test score of 130G

  • T-300 Carbon-Fibre Industry Leading Material

  • DOT & ECE 22.05 Approved

The impact Test

The ECE 22.05 standard requires all helmets to undergo an ‘Impact Test’. This measures the maximum amount of G-Force that the helmet can fail to absorb & transmit onto a rider’s head in a collision. The lower the number, the safer the helmet.
The ECE 22.05 limit for a ‘pass’ is 200G’s of impact. Any more than that is a ‘fail’.
The Atlas 2.0 passed with flying colours, with a score of 130G’s!

The Fidlock is as safe as it is simple. Strap in with an easy-release magnetic buckle, with or without gloves on!

Why use Fidlock?

We put Fidlock to the test with our very own in-house experiment! Hanging a 255lbs KTM 350 from the strap, proving that it really will hold weight!

Successfully tested up to:


Pinlock anti-fogging
visor insert. Prioritise visibility & optic awareness with every ride.

A revolutionary technology to prevent the fogging of your visor.

Available for separate purchase.

Get Connected With Our Shockwave In-Helmet Audio System.

With A Brand New Speaker Upgrade Available It’s Louder, Clearer & Crisper Than Ever!

  • 8 hour battery life

  • Make calls

  • Music

  • Talk to Siri

Airflow feels like freedom & wind-noise is kept to a minimum!

An open/close ventilation system that gives you the freedom to choose!

Vent plugs available for separate purchase!

Every Atlas 2.0 helmet is installed with a cog-wheel ratchet mechanism for stepped visor movement

It's fluid, consistent & completely under your control! Purpose-built for a quick & easy twist-to-switch visor change!

All ATLAS 2.0 helmets come with a visor locking mechanism.

Holy *Beep*! This is a premium feeling helmet

-Chase On Two Wheels

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