RG1-DX Series 3
September 27
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Snow Sports

The RG1-DX is more than just a ski & snowboard helmet, it's a system. The RG1-DX comes with a super tough ABS shell, patented RAID EPS liner, premium Magloc goggles, Nastek lenses, built-in RECCO avalanche rescue technology, Rheon impact liner and a mask tested and proven to -20! Capture every moment with the integrated action camera mount beneath the visor.  Every RG1-DX helmet shell is compatible with our Shockwave Bluetooth audio system.

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  1. Snow Sports RG1-DX Tribe
    In Stock
    RG1-DX Tribe
  2. Snow Sports RG1-DX Fear
    In Stock
    RG1-DX Fear
  3. Snow Sports RG1-DX Machine
    In Stock
    RG1-DX Machine
  4. Snow Sports RG1-DX Chrome
    In Stock
    RG1-DX Chrome
  5. In Stock
    RG1-DX Chaos Void
  6. In Stock
    RG1-DX Chaos Viper
  7. In Stock
    RG1-DX Chaos Inferno
  8. Snow Sports RG1-DX Titan
    In Stock
    RG1-DX Titan
  9. Snow Sports RG1-DX Core
    Out of stock
    RG1-DX Core
  10. In Stock
    RG1-DX Trinity Asian Fit
  11. Snow Sports RG-1 Core
    In Stock
    RG-1 Core
  12. Snow Sports RG1-DX Trinity
    In Stock
    RG1-DX Trinity
  13. In Stock
    RG1-DX Black Nova
  14. Snow Sports RG1-DX Eclipse
    In Stock
    RG1-DX Eclipse
  15. In Stock
    RG1-DX Black Inferno

Items 1-15 of 87

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Set Descending Direction