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Introducing Chain. a world first in rider to rider comms

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Infinite Range
Unlimited Group Size
Universal Compatibility

CHAIN is now available to download

CHAIN is here to change the world of motorcycle and action sports comms FOREVER.

The most seamless and connected VOIP Communications platform offering unlimited range for unlimited riders.

Universal Compatibility

CHAIN is compatible with ALL existing communications and Bluetooth systems, allowing you to connect with any rider using any audio hardware for the first time ever.

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Infinite range

CHAIN uses VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) used in Discord, Skype and WhatsApp, so as long as you have mobile signal, you can talk to anyone, wherever they are in the world, uninterrupted by passing vehicles, buildings or other obstructions.

Uninterrupted by:
Turning Corners
Uninterrupted by:
Passing Vehicles
No Limit on Distance

Unlimited group size

Ride with the world, with unlimited group sizes for the first time ever in a motorcycle comms solution.

Connection made easy

The CHAIN app is as simple and seamless as it gets. Go from login to group ride call in just 5 steps.

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