A system, not just a helmet

The new RG1-DX Series

The RG1-DX Series 3 is our most advanced helmet yet. It's more than just a helmet, it's a system. Fully certified for snowsports, cycling, and skating. Wear it how you want for your sport with the versatility of four different configurations, go full face or something in between! Comes with a super tough ABS shell, patented RAID EPS liner, premium Magloc goggles, magnetic lenses, built-in RECCO avalanche rescue technology, Rheon impact liner and a mask tested and proven to -20! Capture every moment with the integrated action camera mount beneath the visor. Every RG1-DX shell is compatible with our Shockwave Bluetooth Audio liner.

Order from the RG1-DX Series 3 range today.

  1. Special Edition RG1-DX Chainbreaker
    In Stock
    RG1-DX Chainbreaker
  2. Special Edition RG1-DX Ronin
    In Stock
    RG1-DX Ronin
  3. Special Edition RG1-DX Spitfire
    In Stock
    RG1-DX Spitfire
  4. Special Edition RG1-DX Machine (2018)
    In Stock
    RG1-DX Machine (2018)
"Aside from looking badass,
you're very well protected!"
- Sam Sheffer
  1. In Stock
    RG1-DX Chaos Inferno (2018)
  2. Chaos Series RG1-DX Chaos Ice
    In Stock
    RG1-DX Chaos Ice
  3. In Stock
    RG1-DX Chaos Inferno
  4. In Stock
    RG1-DX Chaos Ice (2018)

Your in-helmet audio system

Immerse yourself in the ride with the Shockwave Bluetooth system. Take calls while you're riding through the city, or listen to your favourite bangers while carving a black run. Now features increased speaker volume and clarity, Enhanced Bluetooth connection, and high performance microphone for use of Siri and taking phone calls.

Shockwave sold seperately.

  1. In Stock
    RG1-DX Chrome (2018)
  2. Shade Series RG1-DX Eclipse
    In Stock
    RG1-DX Eclipse
  3. In Stock
    RG1-DX Titan (2018)
  4. In Stock
    RG1-DX Black Nova Asian Fit (2018)

GoPro Mount

Relive your best life

Re-live those epic moments by attaching your camera to the Series 3's Integrated GoPro mount. It creates the perfect camera angle position for point of view recording footage. When you're finished filming, put the visor back on and cover up the mount.

Magnetic Lenses

Clear as day. All day.

Upgrade your helmet with a range of low lights, polarised, transition and iridescent lenses. Swap out your lenses in a blink with the integrated magnets and see the ride clearer than ever with Ruroc's anti fogging lens technology. Experience a whole new level of vision.