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Splitit Installments

Split-It lets you pay off your purchase over 6 months, without any nasty interest charges. You get your gear ASAP, but don’t get penalised for taking your time to pay it off! 
It works by checking you can afford to buy the gear in full, pre-authorises that payment and then splits it into more affordable monthly installments. 

Are there any credit checks involved?

No! None at all. How ace is that?! :) The Split-It system is revolutionary. It relies on taking a pre-authorisation for the full amount on your credit card. That’s how it knows you’re good for the money, eventually!

What’s the point, if I need all the money available on my credit card?

Most credit cards charge interest on anything you buy but can’t pay off within in a month.
If you’d need a bit longer than one month to pay off your Ruroc, Split-It will save you the cost of those interest payments. 

Will Ruroc/Split-It show up on my credit score?

Nope! As the full amount is only pre-authorised on your credit card it is no different to making a purchase in a shop every month.

Why does Split-It take an authorisation of the full amount but only take the monthly installments one month at a time?

This is how Split-It guarantees the credit is affordable for you and doesn’t put you under any financial stress. It also gives Ruroc the security to know that we will eventually be paid in full for all that awesome gear! :)

My credit card doesn’t have the full amount available - can I still use Split-It?

Unfortunately not. The authorisation on your credit card is how we get our security without hassling you for a credit check.

Will I get accepted?

If you have a credit card, you can use Split-It! Split-it does not accept debit cards or American Express.

Why can’t I use my Debit card??

Split-it isn’t available on Debit cards because we can’t make pre-authorisation checks on a debit card.
What happens if I want to return the helmet after using Split-It?
No problem! You have the standard 14 days to return the helmet to us for a refund/exchange. We can either exchange the helmet for you or refund the payments you’ve already paid and then cancel your Split-It agreement. That way, no further installments will be taken from your card.
What if I can't make the repayments after the initial payment?
The initial pre-authorisation ensures the money is available over the 3 or 6 month installment process, so that the payments can always be made.  The amount of the helmet is accounted for by your card company immediately, and you just pay the installment amount each month.