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We are Ruroc

To lead the revolution and redefine snow sports protection. Ruroc exists is here to save lives, to stand out and push the boundaries. Driven by passion and built around our riders. This is Protection Re-Engineered.

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Ruroc's first ever open-face ski and snowboard helmet is more than just lightweight protection, the LITE is packed with features to keep you feeling and looking cool on the slopes.

LITE Helmets

EN1077A EN1078 ASTM F2040
  1. LITE Helmet - Kintsugi
  2. LITE Helmet - Disruptor
  3. LITE Helmet - Marine
  4. LITE Helmet - Chrome
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Our full-face snow sports helmet took the industry by storm when we first released it, since then it’s been refined to it’s best. With loads of features packed into a series of epic designs to create the most distinctive helmet on the slopes

RG1-DX Helmets

DOT FMVSS 218 ECE 22.05
  1. RG1-DX Helmet - Disruptor
  2. RG1-DX Helmet - Prime
  3. RG1-DX Helmet - Commander
  4. RG1-DX Core - Full Face Ski Helmet
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