UK Demo Day

Jan 29 - Bike Shed London

On Saturday, Ruroc took over the iconic motorbike venue The Bike Shed in London for our first ever Demo Day for the ATLAS 4.0! This epic event featured an in-depth ATLAS 4.0 experience, where the team showcased the ATLAS journey so far, revealed the new 4.0 features, refinements and new artworks as well as an exclusive look at 'Project R'.

The day featured detailed insight through talks from our Design & Engineering, Brand & Marketing and Enginehawk teams as well as the chance to be the first to try out the brand new ATLAS 4.0 and new Enginehawk lineup!

Hoe de dag verliep



- Door Andy Cook (Directeur klanten)

De techniek achter het ontwerp

- Door James Campbell (hoofd techniek)

Merk / Campagne

- Door Neal Duffy (Hoofd van het merk)

Introductie van de Chain App

- Door Dan Rees (CEO)

De toekomst voor Enginehawk

- Door James Kent (directeur van Enginehawk)

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