Atlas 4.0 Helmet - Surtr

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Safety Certifications
ECE 22.06 DOT FMVSS 218
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Product Description

Forged from the extreme depths of the underworld, the fire giant, Surtr, rises up to lead the destruction of the cosmos. Wielding his burning sword, this demonic beast strikes the world, leading to earth sinking into the sea during the doom of the gods.

The ATLAS 4.0 Surtr full face motorcycle helmet carries Surtr’s flaming grin and lava patchwork in glorious streams of firefly reds, oranges and contrasting deep hues of blue and tinted. Ride like a demon with the fresh ATLAS 4.0 Surtr motorcycle helmet and make heads turn as you roar down the street rocking a fierce and impressive decal.

With safety being a key aspect of our design process, we are proud to announce that the ATLAS 4.0 Surtr helmet comes with an impressive ECE 22.06 safety certification. Comfort is another important aspect of the design and with our new cheek pads, you can expert premium comfort with tailor-made sweat-wicking fabric and multiple layers of multi-density foam for enhanced intelligent contouring of your face. Our headliner now features RHEON™ which increases energy dissipation using reactive polymers to reduce rotational and linear impact forces. The 4.0 motorbike helmets have a much more streamlined shell which reduces noise, coupled with the sound damping inserts, we have achieved quieter acoustics with less noise and less strain on your neck from air resistance. Ride for longer without the fatiguing. The open and close vents on the front and top can be adjusted with a total of 4 positions to allow greater climate control in hot and cold environments. 


The ATLAS 4.0 is Ruroc’s quietest motorcycle helmet ever but why not improve the functionality and entertainment and upgrade it to a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet with our Shockwave™ Bluetooth insert (sold separately). The ATLAS Shockwave™ is easily installed with a seamless fit into the rear of your helmet. The ATLAS Shockwave™ now has a 60% smaller mic and low-profile speakers that deliver high-quality audio with rich bass for 8 hours of playtime with a USB-C rechargeable battery.

The ATLAS 4.0 Surtr can be transformed and customised with our wide range of helmet visors. We offer 7 additional coloured visors that are easily changeable with our quick release thumbscrews. The helmet comes with a pre-installed clear visor for road use and a secondary tinted visor for track use only. All our visors are compatible with Pinlock® inserts that can easily be installed for anti-fog protection (available separately).

Waarom een ATLAS 4.0 kopen?

ATLAS 4.0 is one of the first motorcycle helmets on the road to meet ECE 22.06. Not only that, we exceed all testing standards by a minimum of 20%, to give you the ultimate protection.

Het behalen van de ECE 22.06 certificering met ATLAS 4.0 lanceert ons in het volgende tijdperk van motorhelmveiligheid. Dankzij de ontwikkeling van de binnenzijde van de helm hebben we onze impactscores tot de laagste ooit kunnen terugbrengen, terwijl de integratie van RHEON het overdrachtspotentieel van rotatie-energie naar de hersenen heeft gehalveerd. De verfijnde pasvorm van de nieuwe voering is gebaseerd op antropometrische analyses en kinematische studies van de impact van de helm, en zorgt voor een maximale impactdemping met premium comfort.

James Campbell - Head of Engineering

The new standard for safety

ECE 22.06

ATLAS 4.0 is one of the first motorcycle helmets on the road to meet ECE 22.06. Not only that, we exceed all testing standards by a minimum of 20%, to give you the ultimate protection.

Helm Kenmerken

Ultiem comfort

The fully re-engineered internals, including head-liner and cheek pads, take fit, comfort, acoustic control and support to a whole new level.

Stiller dan ooit

The ATLAS 4.0 internal lining is equipped with new sound-dampening inserts around the ear structure. This improves acoustic performance by 57%*, making it the quietest ATLAS ever produced.

*From ATLAS 3.0 vs our leading competitor

Climate Control

Take full control of your helmet environment with open/close vents throughout - including the addition of a new top vent switch.

Maximale Visie

Featuring 215° horizontal and 100° vertical field of vision, the ATLAS 4.0 edge-to edge visor maximises peripheral vision. Anti-scratch dipped, Pinlock 70 compatible, and made from Optical Grade Ballistic Polycarbonate, this is vision reinforced.

RHEON™ Bescherming

s Werelds eerste motorhelm voor op de weg met RHEON™ technologie. Bescherming van het hoogste niveau, naadloos geïntegreerd in de ATLAS 4.0 hoofdvoering.

Bluetooth Audio

Convert your ATLAS 4.0 into a full Bluetooth motorcycle helmet with our Shockwave audio system. Plug into your favourite tunes, take calls, and download our CHAIN App for Infinite range comms. It fits seemlessly into the back of your helmet, without compromising on the style, safety and aerodynamics of your setup.

Link up,
ride out

Introductie van Chain. Een wereldprimeur in rijder tot rijder communicatie

Available to download now

Oneindig bereik
Onbeperkte groepsgrootte
Universele compatibiliteit

Technische specificaties

A closer look at the details of the ATLAS 4.0


1600 ± 50g

Helmet weight is based on a SM. Additional sizes will vary



Shell construction:

Carbon Fibre

Field of View:

215º Horizontal
100º vertical

Internal liner:

Rheon integrated & washable


2 Open/Close Switch Vents

(Chin & Top)



Pinlock sold separately


Shockwave compatible

Jij vroeg, wij luisterden

Is de helm geschikt voor alle seizoenen?

Yes; hot, cold, wet, windy, you name it. For hot/cold days, a discreet open/close vent switch has been added to the top vent. Easy to activate whilst riding if weather changes. In addition, the helmet is optimally sealed around the vents and visor to keep driving rain out on wet and windy days.

What changes have been made internally to the helmet?

We have partnered with RHEON™ to create the ATLAS 4.0 enhanced comfort liner, the first of its kind to be used in motorcycle helmets, and a game-changer in rotational energy management. The all new cheek/comfort liner construction boasts up to seven layers of multi-density comfort foam with targeted areas of acoustic foam for the ultimate fit, comfort and noise reduction.

Maakt de helm veel lawaai tijdens het rijden?

Testing at Silverstone Wind-Tunnel comparing ATLAS 4.0 to competitors and previous ATLAS models showed acoustic performance on the ATLAS 4.0 is improved by 57%*, making it the quietest ATLAS ever produced. Full results of the testing can be viewed below.

Testresultaten downloaden *From ATLAS 3.0 vs our leading competitor.
Kan ik met andere motorrijders communiceren terwijl ik de helm draag?

's Werelds eerste oneindig bereik comms-app voor motorrijders is ontwikkeld naast ATLAS 4.0 / VOIP-systeem kan verbinding maken met elke rijder ter wereld met behulp van de app.

Meer Weten
Is de helm onafhankelijk getest?

ATLAS 4.0 is GLOBAAL onafhankelijk getest; bij Newton labs in Italië voor impact demping ontwikkeling, bij VIAS Institute in België voor ontwikkeling en ECE 22.06 certificering, en bij ACT Labs in China voor DOT impact en penetratie testen en certificering. Daarnaast hebben ATLAS 2.0 en 3.0 een 4* SHARP rating gekregen, een evaluatie die alleen kan worden bereikt door onafhankelijke aankoop en test, en zodra ATLAS 4.0 op de markt is, zal dit de volgende op de lijst zijn.

Wanneer worden de helmen verzonden?

ATLAS 4.0 helmet sizes will each have one of three shipping statuses.

Available now

These items are physically in our warehouse and ready to dispatch immediately! Place your order today for this item and it will be processed and dispatched within 24 hours (excluding Saturday/Sunday) - always check if all items in your basket have the same stock status as this may cause your order to wait for the longest lead item.

In transit

Items with this status are in transit to the Ruroc HQ! This means these items are either in a plane or on a boat on their way to us as we speak. Once they land at HQ they will be ready to immediately dispatch by the date given above.

In production

These items are either in the paint shop or on the assembly line! This means your gear is being produced and will have spent no time sat on a shelf by the time it arrives with you meaning unlike when you purchase a helmet from a store that may have been on a shelf for over a year we can guarantee you’ll have the full life of your safety product! Pre-order these items now and you’ll be the first to get yours once they’ve arrived. They will dispatch within the month displayed.

Wat is jullie retourbeleid?

Je kan tot 14 dagen na levering bij ons retourneren of ruilen. Bekijk onze retouren pagina hieronder:


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