The Ruroc System
RG1-DX, More than just a helmet

Super tough ABS shell

Premium Magloc Goggles

Nastek Lenses

A mask proven to -20° C

Integrated action camera mount

RECCO avalanche rescue technology

Rheon impact liner

Shockwave Bluetooth liner compatibility

Go Faster With Sound

Every RG1-DX helmet is bluetooth audio compatible. All you need to do is plug in the new Shockwave audio neck liner and immerse yourself in the ride. Play your favourite tunes, take calls and now speak to Siri. Newly improved fit and comfort for the 2018/19 season.

Shockwave sold seperately.

The future of search and rescue

Statistics show that 93% of avalanche victims survive if dug out within 15 minutes. After that, survival rates drop fast. We've made it our mission to equip every single Ruroc helmet with a RECCO detection reflector, which helps you to be located should the worst happen. Recco x Ruroc. The ultimate partnership.

Tough on impacts

Developed by the scientists at Imperial College London, our new Rheon liner is made of a non-Newtonian fluid that hardens upon impact, reducing the chance of brain injuries by up to 30%. The new Rheon liner comes as standard with all RG1-DX helmets.

The fastest & easiest chin strap

The Fidlock magnetic chin strap buckle is the fastest and easiest chin strap system in the world. Even with gloves on. Previously a Limited edition exclusive, we've listened to you guys and brought the feature to the entire DX range!

Prepare yourself for the elements

Explore the latest RG1-DX Ranges below!

The Chaos Series comprises four insane new colorways with never before seen decals. Whether it's the back country or the SBX track, you'll be the meanest rider on snow. All Chaos Series helmets come fully fitted with our newest partner technology.

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La Série Chaos

Adoptez le Chaos.

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Allez plus vite avec votre son

Chaque casque RG1-DX peut diffuser du son en bluetooth. Tout ce que vous devez faire, c'est d'installer la nouvelle doublure audio Shockwave dans votre casque, et de vous immerger dans votre ride. Jouez vos chansons préférées, prenez vos appels, et dorénavant parlez à Siri. Ajustement et confort améliorés pour la saison 2018/19.

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La Série Shade

Tapis dans l'ombre.

Tous les casques RG1-DX ont les certifications suivantes:
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