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New DX Shockwave for 2016-18 helmets

New DX Shockwave for 2016-18 helmets

The all new upgraded Shockwave™ Bluetooth Audio System has been converted and made backwards compatible with helmets bought between September 1st 2016 and August 31st 2018.

For the Shockwave™ System that fits the new 2018/19 Range helmets, bought from September 1st 2018 onwards, please click here.


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Product Details

  • Battery Life: 6-8 hours play time!
  • Charge Port: Micro USB charging port
  • Bluetooth: Yes - iPhone/Android compatible
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New DX Shockwave for 2016-18 helmets
Le système complet

Shock and water resistant. Designed specifically for mountain use. Play your favourite tunes, take calls and now speak to Siri. Newly improved fit and comfort.

Specifications Techniques
Le produit en détail
  • Battery Life

    6-8 hours play time!

  • Charge Port

    Micro USB charging port

  • Bluetooth

    Yes - iPhone/Android compatible

  • Controls

    Volume up + down. Skip song. On/off. Answer call. Bluetooth pairing.

  • Driver Size

    36mm drivers