Legends never really die… Three iconic Ruroc designs are back for the Atlas 3.0. Plus, one entirely new design takes its place in the pantheon of legends. Don't miss out on these Limited Editions!


The OG helmet design that put Ruroc on the map. This Samurai-inspired design has become a phenomenon in it's own right, so it was only fitting that we brought it back for the Atlas 3.0.

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Back by popular demand, perhaps our most iconic design ever returns fully upgraded for the Atlas 3.0. The Toxin injects itself back into the range after overwhelming customer demand.

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El Diablo

One of the fan-favourite designs has been brought to the next generation of Atlas helmets. The design of the El Diablo sets the tone with vicious matte black colouring and fiery demonic detailing.

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Diablo Azul

One of our most classic designs gets a fresh twist. Introducing the Diablo Azul; featuring all the heat of our El Diablo design, turned up to 11. With ferocious and vibrant blue demonic detailing contrasted with a savage matte black colouring the Diablo Azul is ready to take on anything.

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Aprenda más sobre Atlas 3.0. Un rediseño completo de nuestro casco más vendido. Protección rediseñada, llevada a un nivel completamente nuevo.

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