This is where it all started… here, on the slopes. We started small, but the energy was there, right from the beginning. The passion, the hunger. To do something big, something different, and we did just that… for a while.

Sometimes life takes you a little off piste… but whatever happens, the attraction for the mountains is still there. Calling us back again and again, chasing the adrenaline, the feeling of flying. The freedom, the lifestyle, the memories… it creates an innate connection to the mountains

The call is in us and we are here to listen… it’s time to come home, it’s time for The Return.

Heavyweight protection meets lightweight performance

Ruroc's first ever open-face ski and snowboard helmet, the LITE, combines heavyweight protection with lightweight performance. This elite, low-profile helmet is the choice of our pro athletes, engineered with comfort & safety at its core focus, while merging style and function into it's stunning design.

The iconic full-face snow helmet

Born to battle the most extreme of conditions, the mountains are the playground, and this helmet has come to play. The RG1-DX was designed to disrupt. To break the mould and stand out from the crowd, making the loudest of statements whilst offering the most elite in rider protection.

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