Stock market sale explained

Just like a real stock market, helmet prices will be fluctuating throughout the entire month. When the stock market ‘Crashes’ you’ll have access to EPIC discounts on certain models and accessories, but remember, helmets can also go UP in price as well! You’ll need to be fast to get the helmet you want when the price crashes on that model or it could end up sky rocketing in cost meaning you’ll have missed your chance forever. Make sure you act fast when the crashes happen if you want to secure the best discounts of the entire year!

Sale ends December 1st at 07:00am UK time. Good luck!

Prices Stabilise in:

Rule Number 1

The price you buy at is the price you buy at. You can wait for a later crash and maybe get a bargain, or you can buy now and lock-in your order while there's still stock... If you ask for a partial refund it will be denied, there's no queue jumping at It's a fair free-for-all / everyman for himself system.

About The Launch

When do the Black Friday sales start?

The first Ruroc Black Friday price crash will be November 6th at 00.01

What's the shipping times?

Standard shipping is 2-5 days from the dispatch date. See product pages for dispatch dates when you choose your helmet size.

What if my helmet isn't the perfect fit?

Measure the circumference of your head and compare it to the Lite helmet sizing guide. The sizing guide is accurate and will help you to ensure you get the right fit for your head. If your Lite helmet doesn't fit on arrival, you can send it back to us within 14 days of receiving it and we'll send a better fit back to you free of charge! We are also able to do full-refunds within 14 days of receiving your helmet, if the helmet just isn't right for you!

What you need to know

The Ruroc Stock Market has been under constant threat from cyber attacks over the last few months, with attackers attempting to crash the price of Ruroc helmets online and send the prices for the month of Black Friday into freefall.

This Black Friday is set to be the biggest ever, with prices rising and falling as the month continues. What will November hold?

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