BERSERKER Off Road Helmet - Frenzy


Enter into a Frenzy & go Berserker! Industry-leading Carbon-Fibre moulded into an aggressive off-road helmet! Hand-pressed with electric blue decals! Features include an aero-dynamic dual-sport peak, in-helmet audio compatibility, emergency-release cheek-pads & integrated anti-fogging technology! That's what happens when you turn Fear to Frenzy!
All Berserker goggles ship with a colourless lens! Upgrade your goggles with 6 different lens colours to choose from! Shockwave available for separate purchase!

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BERSERKER Off Road Helmet - Frenzy

The Complete System

The world’s first full-face safety-certified off-road helmet with integrated magnetic goggles! With its aggressive shape, insane airflow & crazy-comfortable internal lining, prepare to bend rules & redefine protocol! The Berserker goggle revolutionizes the track with dual-pane anti-fogging optics! Fitted with an adjustable aero-dynamic peak! When things get hostile… an aerospace-grade Carbon Fibre shell is the ultimate reinforcement! Bluetooth compatible!

Aerodynamic Peak

Aggressive, aerodynamic & essential! Not only does the Berserker peak look epic, but it holds its own at high-speed. You won’t feel it getting caught in the wind. Adjustable & removable!

Carbon Fibre Shell

Feel the freedom of unrestricted movement with lightweight aerospace grade Carbon-Fibre. Where it lacks weight, it packs strength & durability. Built with penetration-resistant properties & tested to DOT & ECE standards.

Magnetic Goggles

High-performance magnetic goggles integrated with anti-fogging technology. Providing absolute visual clarity with a broad field of view. Click your magnetic lens in place with a tactile & quick connect.

Penetration-Resistant Lenses

Toughened & lightweight dual-pane lenses with penetration-resistant properties. Secure your lens with a magnetic & water-tight hold. Each Berserker helmet comes with a colourless lens. Available in 6 more colour upgrades.

RAID Airflow System

Breathe easy & keep it cool. Not only does RAID provide awesome ventilation & cooling. It directs air from your lenses & out of the helmet, to prevent lens-fogging. Fitted with an open/close vent in the chin-guard.

Bluetooth Compatible

Rideout to your favourite tracks & make calls on-the-go with Bluetooth compatibility. The Shockwave in-helmet audio system recently had a software update & a speaker upgrade. It’s louder, crisper & clearer than ever! Shockwave is available for separate purchase.

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