Motorcycle helmet with built-in bluetooth

Our smart helmet with integrated comms
"The fundamental premise of the ATLAS Shockwave system is focused around integration without compromise. We aim to deliver supreme audio and communications quality whilst maintaining a premium level of comfort, aerodynamic performance and style.”" -Head of Engineering

Motorcycle helmet with built-in bluetooth

What to look for in a bluetooth helmet?

The perfect Bluetooth solution for a motorcycle helmet will excel in the following areas:

• Seamless integration

Lightweight and hidden within the existing visual design of the helmet. Pre-installed hardware facilitates a quick and easy installation.

• Intuitive operation

A control interface that is simple to use and understand, providing all the required functionality without unnecessary complications.

• Robust rider-rider communication

Suitable real-world range communication between riders that is clear and stable in connection.

• Premium audio quality

Clear and rich sound with enough punchy volume to make sure that it can be heard at all times.

• Battery Life

Enough battery life to last a full day’s riding, with a quick charge time to minimise the wait between rides.

Why do you need the shockwave bluetooth helmet speaker system?

The ATLAS Shockwave system provides a seamlessly integrated hands-free communication and music audio unit without disrupting the slick design and aerodynamic profile of the ATLAS full face helmet shell.

Lightweight and hidden within the rear of the helmet, the ATLAS platform comes equipped with pre-installed hardware to make Shockwave installation super quick and easy. With 4 simple buttons, the Shockwave unit provides intuitive and straightforward operation for its numerous functions.

The clear and stable connection that Shockwave delivers means that conversations through the premium audio experience go uninterrupted, allowing for continuous communication between whoever you chose to ride with.

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