Discover the atlas evolution

Introducing the brand new Atlas 3.0. An entire ground-up redesign of our best-selling helmet, covered in 16 insane artworks. It’s Protection Re-Engineered, taken to a whole new level.

Take it to the edge

The all new edge-to-edge visor. Insane clarity and detail. See the road like never before. Now with more colors options than ever.

New demist position

A little air makes a big difference. Atlas 3.0 has a whole new visor step. It’s Pinlock ready so you'll never have issues with fogging ever again.

Open it up

Atlas 3.0 has one of the largest field-of-views on the market. See more of your ride than ever.


Removing the visor cover has improved aerodynamics, and therefore reduced wind noise dramatically.


Enjoy a smoother ride and less turbulence at high speeds with the new Atlas 3.0.

New premium liner

Completely redesigned internal comfort liner and cheek pads. Integrated beautifully into the helmet, it gives next level thermal protection and breathability.

Material technology

Made from a double faced fabric that combines the strengths of polyamide, that boosts evaporation, and polyester, that allows moisture to be transferred away.


Improved emergency-release cheek pads allow safe and simple removal in the event of an accident. We hope you never need to use this feature, but it’s there if you ever do.

Streamlined visor mechanism

Improved safety
The visor mechanism thickness has been reduced by 25% freeing up more space for EPS resulting in an even safer helmet.
Protection in the detail
We live by the mantra of ‘Protection Re-Engineered’, so much so we’ve engraved it proudly into the mechanism’s side screw.

Re-engineered seal

Bespoke fit for every size
The new seal further reduces water and wind ingress and provides an even quieter and more comfortable ride.
New visor lock
The old locking pin has been replaced with a precision engineered polycarbonate locker, so there’s no longer a hole in the visor itself, further improving the sealing and wind noise.

9 new visor colours

Customising your Atlas 3.0 has never been easier. Select from nine wraparound visors, including brand new Chrome and Pink iridescent options. Swapping out takes less than 30 seconds, making it easy to match your visor to the conditions.

Rider to pillion comms

It’s easier than ever to talk to your passenger whilst riding. The Shockwave audio system now comes with this new functionality as standard.

Tune into the road

Every Atlas 3.0 helmet is compatible with our new Shockwave bluetooth audio system. Plug into your favourite tunes, take calls and now use Rider to Pillion comms. It fits seamlessly into the back of your Atlas helmet, without compromise on the style or aerodynamics of your setup. And it's now easier than ever to install, with integrated cable routing and magnetic fitment!

Instant attraction

The Shockwave system fits seamlessly into place using an all new magnetic fitment, making installation a plug and play experience, without the need for tools.

Ergonomics redefined

Buttons are now 3x larger, making it easier than ever to control your Shockwave, even with gloves on.

carbon fibre

Kicks fibre-glass. Every Atlas 3.0 is made from T-300 Carbon Fibre, the strongest and lightest material available. Passing both DOT + ECE ratings at only 1.4kg!

The perfect fit, every size

Introducing the new XS shell. The Atlas now has 3 shell sizes, meaning better fit, proportions and safety across all sizes.

The perfect fit, every size

Introducing the new XS shell. The Atlas now has 3 shell sizes, meaning better fit, proportions and safety across all sizes.

Explore the new range

Our team of in-house artists took inspiration from all over the globe, from different centuries and different universes to create this range. The Atlas 3.0 is available in 16 insane designs. Who will you become?

Tech specs


1.4 - 1.6kg (+/-50g)


Magnetic Fidlock®


ECE 22:05 DOT FMVSS218

Comfort Liner

Double Faced - Polyamide/Polyester


T-300 Carbon Fibre



About the Launch

When is the launch?

26 March at 00:01 (London Time). Check the graphic below for the launch time where you are!

When will orders be shipped?

All Atlas 3.0 helmets will be manufactured in our brand new state of the art facility. The Ruroc factory is already up and running and is producing helmets at an unbelievable rate. As we don’t know what styles and sizes you’ll be ordering, dispatch is first come first serve, and we expect every launch day order to be shipped to you within 4-6 weeks. As a thank you for supporting us, every launch day order will ship with a Founders Edition t-shirt!

What if I buy the wrong size?

No problem! You have 14 days from receiving your helmet to decide if it’s right for you. If you need to return or exchange your helmet for any reason, simply go to to start the process.

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