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ATLAS 4.0 has an ALL-NEW fit, with enhanced comfort and support because of the major introduction of the ECE 22.06 standard. Double check the size guide as you will need to change from your previous ATLAS size.

Sizing Guide

What size Atlas 4.0 do I need?

How to measure correctly?

Why the change?

ECE 22.06 is a massive step up in helmet safety, and along with additional impact testing requirements to 22.05, a key focus of the new standard is based around rotational energy management and helmet fit.

For the optimal safety solution, a helmet needs to perfectly fit the rider's head, particularly around the jaw and neck, which results in a tighter, more secure fit than helmets that do not meet this standard.

What has changed?

Multi-density layered cheekpads

Additional multi-density layers and increased total foam thickness in the cheekpads gives a tighter, more secure fit to the jaw and cheeks.

RHEON™ headliner

RHEON™ integration into the headliner provides the ultimate protection against rotational energy, and thickens the headliner on the top of the head to securely grip the crown.

Cushioned Neck Support

The introduction of a cushioned neck support at the back of the headliner to minimise unwanted rotation of the helmet forward and backwards on the rider's head.

Combining all of these ATLAS 4.0 liner features results in a tighter, more secure fitting helmet that aligns to the significant advancements in safety that ECE 22.06 demands.

How to Measure

  1. With a cloth measuring tape, wrap it around your head just above your eyebrows and ears.
  2. Pull the tape comfortably tight. Take the measurement.
  3. Repeat once more and go with the largest reading.
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