We will have you under our spell with three mind-bending new ATLAS 4.0 designs.
Escape the monotony of everyday life and transport to a world of spirit and adventure;
when freedom calls - will you answer?

Blurring the lines between dreams and reality - Lucid Waves sends you on the trip of a lifetime. Bold swirls get you lost in a sea of thoughts; the only limit is your imagination. A gloss black shell dipped in vivid colour, this is our most intoxicating ATLAS 4.0 design yet.

Ferocity, strength and power; Maahes is a symbol of dread to all who stand in his way. The protector of pharaohs through this life and the next, there's no greater force to have on your side. Set upon a matte black base and adorned in sacred gold and silver detailing - the deity's ferocious lion form comes to life in this fierce ATLAS 4.0 design.

The shadowy swamps of Louisiana beckon you forth, will you heed it's call? Embroiled in mystic runes and enchanted by otherworldly spirits, cast a spell on all those who dare come near. Neon purples and blues ensnare the gloss black base, enveloping it in a wisp of colour - reaching out of the shadows. Summoned from a world beyond our own, the Atlas 4.0 Shadow Sprite is finally let loose.

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