Drop II

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For the first time in Ruroc history, we launched two new series’ of motorcycle helmets in one day! With 4 new Atlas 2.0 colourways & the brand new Berserker range, Drop II was always set to be a CRAZY launch! Whether you’re riding with Impaler, Shogun, Mech or Eagle… you’ve got all the awesome features of Atlas 2.0. Lightweight carbon safety, a massive field of view, EPIC airflow & extreme comfort cheek-padding!

Or be street elite with the Berserker helmet… fitted with an aerodynamic peak, aggressive full-face carbon shell, dual-pane anti-fogging optics & the simplicity of magnetic lenses. Drop II is LIVE now so don’t waste a second!

Safety Certifications
ECE 22.05

Engineered to Excel

Feel the freedom of unrestricted movement with lightweight Carbon-Fibre. Where it lacks weight, it packs strength & durability. Built with penetration-resistant properties & tested to DOT & ECE standards. Ride with an unmatched field of view & regulate your own airflow with an open/close chin-vent. Atlas 2.0 comes with an extreme comfort cheek-padding & headliner. Pinlock anti-fogging technology available for separate purchase. Bluetooth compatible!


Technically Brilliant

Take it to the streets with a lightweight & toughened Carbon-Fibre shell. Carved into a streetfighter-style mould for the urban ripper. Protected by DOT & ECE certification, backed by emergency-release cheek-pads & secured with the classic D-Ring chin-strap. The Berserker helmet is fully-integrated with magnetic goggles & anti-fogging properties. Providing absolute visual clarity with a broad field of view. Click your Maglens in place with a tactile & quick connect. Securing your lens with a water-tight hold. Bluetooth compatible.

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