The World's First Full-Face Safety-Certified Moto-Helmet With Magnetic Integrated Goggles

Go Berserker!

  • Optimised

    Spot every hazard with wide-viewing anti-fogging goggles

  • Lightweight

    No neck-ache after a long day of ripping

  • Airflow /

    Breathe easy & stay cool with open/close vent

Built for the concrete jungle

Off-road styling meets street performance

Off-road styling meets street-performance. The world’s first full-face safety-certified moto-helmet with integrated magnetic goggles! The Berserker is the ideal on-road performance helmet for supermoto riders, quad-rippers & the urban streetfighter! With its aggressive shape, insane airflow & crazy-comfortable internal lining. Prepare to bend rules & redefine protocol!

The Berserker goggle revolutionises the city-scape with dual-pane anti-fogging optics! Fitted with an adjustable aero-dynamic peak, it’s dripping street savagery! When things get hostile… an aerospace-grade Carbon Fibre shell is the ultimate reinforcement! Bluetooth compatible!

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History in the Making

Throughout history, the warrior's helmet has evolved. The shape, the features & the materials. Not everything has changed though. The fierce adrenaline & the rush of wearing one is timeless!

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Technically Brilliant

Take it to the streets with a lightweight & toughened Carbon-Fibre shell. Carved into a streetfighter-style mould for the urban ripper. Protected by DOT & ECE certification, backed by emergency-release cheek-pads & secured with the classic D-Ring chin-strap. The Berserker helmet is fully-integrated with magnetic goggles & anti-fogging properties. Providing absolute visual clarity with a broad field of view. Click your Maglens in place with a tactile & quick connect. Securing your lens with a water-tight hold. Bluetooth compatible.

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Take protection seriously with industry-leading technology

Protection Re-engineered

Industry-leading carbon-fibre. The lightest form of heavy-duty protection

DOT & ECE 22.05 approved!

With an ultra-lightweight shell riding is more comfortable and feels way more free. Zero restrictions, zero neck-ache.

Get connected with the classic D-Ring Safety Strap. Tried and Tested

Globally renowned safety chin-strap!

Safety-certified to DOT & ECE standards.

Ride with stylistic versatility and wear your Berserker in three different ways

With goggles and peak, just goggles or just the peak!

Adjust your peak position to suit yourself.

The Berserker RAID system prevents fogging & optimises airflow

Cool, calm & connected.

Flow-coated magnetic lenses work with the RAID system to ensure visual clarity.

Berserker Goggles

  • Magnetic Lens

    The quickest and easiest optic-transition the moto-world has to offer. Feel your magnetic lens snap into place with water-tight security

  • Raid airflow system

    Our patented Raid system for optimal ventilation. Raid collaborates with the flow-coated lens to ensure zero fog.

  • Flow-coated anti-fogging lens

    Eliminate all fog and ride with high-definition visibility.

  • Enhanced Field of View

    Spot every hazard in your periphery with an ultra-wide Field of View.

Have The Freedom To Choose With An Open/Close Ventilation System.

Ventilation Control

Breathe easy & regulate airflow depending on conditions. Open for warmer weather. Close-up in colder climates.

Emergency-Release Cheek-Pads For Safe AND Immediate Helmet Removal

For Emergency Use Only!

In the unlikely case of a road-accident, the rider's helmet can be removed with ease to prevent possible injury.

  • 8 hour battery life

    Long-lasting for those long-distance journeys. You can even recharge on-the-go!

  • Listen to music

    Rideout to your favourite playlists in high-definition. With a tactile & easy-to-use button system.

  • Make calls

    Stay connected with your people from the comfort of your helmet.

  • Easy Installation

    Simply unscrew the Shockwave cover, insert the device & rescrew to install.

Bluetooth Compatible

Hit the road with the recently updated in-helmet audio system Shockwave. Louder & crisper than ever. Available for separate purchase.

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