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Designed to disrupt

We are Ruroc

To lead the revolution and redefine snow sports protection. Ruroc is here to save lives, to stand out and push the boundaries. Driven by passion and built around our riders. This is Protection Re-Engineered.

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Constructed from years of professional rider feedback (including the ‘Ski Boss’ himself, Tanner Hall) but built for the every-day shredder, the LITE helmet integrates seamlessly with the LITE Goggles, offering extreme field-of-view to see more of the mountain and take in the scenes that we live for.

LITE Helmets

DOT FMVSS 218 ECE 22.05
  1. -23%
    LITE Helmet - Outrun 21/22
    HUF39,200.00 HUF51,150.00
  2. -23%
    LITE Helmet - Disarray 21/22
    HUF39,200.00 HUF51,150.00
  3. -24%
    LITE Helmet - Marine 21/22
    HUF31,280.00 HUF40,920.00
  4. -24%
    LITE Helmet - Commander 21/22
    HUF31,280.00 HUF40,920.00

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Born to battle the most extreme of conditions, the mountains are the playground, and this helmet has come to play. The RG1-DX was designed to disrupt. To break the mould and stand out from the crowd, making the loudest of statements whilst offering the most elite in rider protection.

RG1-DX Helmets

DOT FMVSS 218 ECE 22.05
  1. -24%
    RG1-DX Helmet - Fracture 21/22
    HUF102,560.00 HUF134,700.00
  2. -24%
    RG1-DX Helmet - Disarray 21/22
    HUF102,560.00 HUF134,700.00
  3. -24%
    RG1-DX Helmet - Vanguard 21/22
    HUF102,560.00 HUF134,700.00
  4. -26%
    RG1-DX Helmet - Smokescreen 21/22
    HUF94,640.00 HUF127,880.00
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