RHEON - Level 2 Shoulder & Elbow Inserts

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Key Features
  • Compatible with all jackets that have armour slots
  • Elbow Protector - 70g in weight and 9mm in thickness
  • Shoulder Protector - 74g in weight and 9mm in thickness
  • Lightweight, breathable and flexible
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Product Description

Born out of NASA. Developed for over 15 years at Imperial College, London. And accelerated by NFL innovation grants. RHEON™ technology is more than a reactive polymer that offers targeted protection. It’s an ecosystem of design, engineering and science.

At it's core, RHEON™ is a ground-breaking strain-rate sensitive polymer that intelligently strengthens when subjected to force. It gives our armour inserts unique properties previously thought impossible with static materials. Soft and flexible in its natural state, it allows RHEON™ to create armour that puts comfort at the forefront. Armour that feels invisible to ride in but gives you all the protection you want, exactly when you need it.

We are able to swap out the bulky armour that most riders are used to and replace it with armour inserts that you can hardly notice. The RHEON™ inserts are lightweight, breathable and very comfortable. All of this has been achieved with zero compromises on safety performance.


This shoulder and elbow kit consists of a pair of shoulder and elbow armour inserts (2x should & 2x elbow inserts). 

The armour should be removed when washing your jacket.

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