ATLAS Photochromic Transition Visor

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Key Features
  • The Photochromic Transition Visor adapts to changing light conditions: darkening when exposed to sunlight (UV light); lightening as UV light levels decrease
  • The photochromic technology has been developed by NASTEK - used by NASA in space to filter 100% of UVA & UVB light. This both protects your eyes & skin & allows for improved visibility in certain situations - such as spotting hazards or judging distances
  • Smooth & rapid transition from 'Clear' (Category 0) at 89% VLT to 'Smoke' (Category 3) 9%-11% VLT. Transition time varies dependent upon UV light exposure & weather conditions
  • The Photochromic Transition Visor is treated with an internal Anti-fog coating, keeping the visor clean and clear while riding in all conditions
  • Quick & easy tool-free installation
  • Compatible with ATLAS 4.0 / ATLAS 3.0
  • NOT Compatible with Pinlock (The Photochromic Transition Visor has a built-in anti-fog coating)
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Product Description

No two rides are ever the same. Each time you roll out, the bike, temperature or road is slightly different. Vision is no exception. Fitted with NASA-grade NASTEK technology the Photochromic Transition Visor shifts between blistering sunlight and pitch-black darkness while your eyes stay stuck to the tarmac. Get a clear line of sight on every ride in any condition with this must-have visor.


Rapid transition

The Photochromic Transition Visor has a seamless and rapid transition from clear to concealed. Able to shift from 89% VLT(clear) to 10% VLT (tinted) your visor will blend to any light condition even before you make it to the end of the bend. It’s protection from the sun above and for the road ahead.


Keep it cool

Putting your bike through its paces isn’t light work. Regardless of your riding ferocity, a visor with an anti-fog liner is a must. Through a hydrophobic layer designed to repel moisture, the Photochromic Transition Visor keeps your vision fog free. Keep the condensation out and your concentration on the road.


One size fits all

Fit the Photochromic Transition Visor to both the ATLAS 4.0, ATLAS 4.0 Track and 3.0. Changing the visor only takes a matter of seconds, simply twist the Bayonet Pins out of place and snap it to a lid of your choice. 


The Photochromic Transition Visor has a built-in anti-fog coating and is NOT compatible with Pinlock.

The inside of the visor is not anti-scratch coated and the anti-fog layer may be sensitive to the helmet seal. The visor must be cleaned regularly to avoid damage to the internal coating.

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