1. In Stock
    Atlas Platinum Ronin
  2. Atlas Drop II Atlas Gatekeeper
    In Stock
    Atlas Gatekeeper
  3. Atlas Drop II Atlas Crimson
    In Stock
    Atlas Crimson
  4. Atlas Drop II Atlas Mercury
    In Stock
    Atlas Mercury

Go faster with sound

Every ATLAS helmet is bluetooth compatible. All you need to do is plug in the new Shockwave system to the helmet and immerse yourself in the ride. Use voice command, talk with friends, listen to music, and take directions all inside your helmet. Shockwave and Shockwave+ systems sold separately. Connect now.

Shockwave sold separately.

  1. In Stock
    Atlas Riot Cobalt
  2. In Stock
    Atlas Riot Hellfire
  3. In Stock
    Atlas Riot Ranger
  4. Riot Series Atlas Riot Ember
    In Stock
    Atlas Riot Ember

One powerful element

Carbon. We chose the strongest helmet material available, and precision machined it to fit the unique ATLAS design. The entire shell is built from Aerospace-grade T300 Carbon Fibre, giving it incredible strength and lightness. Ready for anything.

  1. In Stock
    RG1-DX Machine
  2. In Stock
    RG1-DX Titan
  3. In Stock
    RG1-DX Trinity
  4. In Stock
    RG1-DX Black Inferno

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