An update from our CEO

I wanted to provide you guys with an update on some of the challenges we’ve faced over the past few months as well as sharing the efforts and investment we have put in to get over these hurdles as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been unprecedented global demand for moto gear. As the only direct-to-consumer brand in the industry, whilst stores were forced to close, thankfully we have been able to continue to scale, invest and develop products for you guys. However, this has not always been the case through the full supply chain, and with the product complexity requiring the sourcing of a large amount of components, we have been in the hands of a number of suppliers. Following the launch of Atlas 3.0, we were unfortunately let down by the cheek-pad supplier, causing delays to initial product dispatch. We worked relentlessly to develop and roll out vastly improved replacements in record time, even redeploying teams to increase assembly line output in order to fulfil orders as quickly as possible. With these issues behind us and the backlog cleared, we are now firing on all cylinders and operating at 93% of all orders delivered within our promised delivery times. A huge thank you to all of you for sticking by us through this challenge, as we continue to strive to deliver every single Ruroc order by the date we promise, or even before!

Despite the challenges, we successfully moved away from the large factories that are dedicated to fulfilling the demands of the 'legacy' brands, with an investment in our own purpose-built facility. All Ruroc helmets are now manufactured by our own expert team, meaning we have full control over every step of production, including the materials, assembly, methods and paint processes. This transition was made even more difficult with extensive travel restrictions meaning the whole facility has been developed and launched remotely! In just a matter of months, the move has allowed us to increase monthly capacity by over 4 times and will enable us to deliver long term growth of the brand and continue to develop products at the speed and agility we want to!

Where global shipping container networks have been strained like never before, causing huge backlogs and long sea freight delays, we continue to increase our investment in air-freighting all stock to minimise impact to our customers and ensure our helmets arrive from our factory as soon as physically possible. We are glad to say that our warehouse stock is now in a very healthy position, with over 80% of our best selling helmets now in stock for immediate dispatch.

In other updates, I'm pleased to announce that our new triple-layered cheek pads, to help with the fit and comfort of our M and L sized helmets, will be in stock and ready to dispatch on October 4 and can be ordered immediately. We have also rolled out the latest Shockwave update offering support for rider-pillion intercom and music sharing, improvements to sound quality, battery state monitoring and LED indications as well as updated voice prompts.

We are absolutely committed to providing our riders with the best experience possible - from order to delivery and through the life-span of your Ruroc products. We will continue to work with you to improve and refine wherever possible - your feedback is invaluable as we innovate and grow, and we want to bring you with us on every step of the journey!

Thank you for reading and, more importantly, for your part in building the Ruroc brand so far.

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