It’s been a long road to reach this point in the ATLAS journey. Through years of development, and a thorough focus towards testing, we bring you this. The new ATLAS 4.0 TRACK.

With Gold Approval from the ACU, the world of the Track is now at your disposal. Featuring a lightweight carbon shell construction, and improved aerodynamics, this is Ruroc’s fastest helmet to date.

Our mission now? To follow in your footsteps and join this crew of riders. Be it for the adrenaline fuelled charge to find new limits or the simple freedom it offers, It’s time we took to the Track.

Light speed performance

With a 10% total weight reduction, you’ll be a lightweight rider able to deal with some heavyweight track days.


Block out unwanted wind and moisture with an airtight rubber seal on top of the visor.

Like any sport, you’re going to break a sweat when out on track. While vents help manage temperature levels in your helmet, unwanted drafts can cause moisture to form on your visor. Designed with a rubber seal on top of the visor, the ATLAS 4.0 TRACK cuts out wind invasions. Allowing your vision to stay cool and clear.

£10,000 Ruroc Bike Build

We challenged Taylor Mackenzie to build the ultimate Track bike for under 10k!

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