Shockwave 2.0 - Lighter. Louder. Lasts Longer.
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Shockwave 2.0 - Lighter. Louder. Lasts Longer.

Shockwave 2.0 - Lighter. Louder. Lasts Longer.

Shockwave 2.0 is coming. It's available to pre-order from September 1st and purchasing it with your new helmet will guarantee you FREE shipping as soon as the Shockwave is ready to ship!

Here's everything you need to know about Ruroc's new in-helmet Bluetooth system.

So…. What is Shockwave?

Shockwave is a detachable neck liner with built in bluetooth that will perfectly fit your Ruroc helmet.

It replaces the neck liner that comes with your helmet, allowing you take take calls and listen to tunes on the mountain.

How do I fit it?

Shockwave is super easy to fit. It attaches with poppers and is shaped to fit your helmet perfectly.

Will it connect to my iPhone/Android/Nokia 3310?

Shockwave will connect to all mobile phones with bluetooth connectivity. 

What is New about Shockwave 2.0?

The only thing that isn’t new is the name!

This year we’ve added a new mini-amp so your tunes are much louder. (And trust us, it really is loud AF!)

It's lighter in weight with thinner controls.

The buttons are now easier to access making it simpler to answer calls and skip songs.

The charge port is hidden under a zipped section, protecting it from snow, rain and anything else you want to throw at it.

The Battery also now lasts 2 hours longer, giving you 10 hours of tunes!

But guys! I bought a Shockwave last season. I can’t afford the upgrade!

No worries, bro. We got you! How does 50% off a new Shockwave sound?!

Just contact our customer service team through Facebook and tell them you’d like the Shockwave offer code.

As long as you use the same Ruroc account you used to purchase your initial shockwave, you’ll get half off a new one.

When will my Shockwave arrive?

Because we’ve completely redesigned the Shockwave for this season, they won’t be shipped out until December 2017. We want to make sure they’re perfect. 

But, if you pre-order your Shockwave with your Helmet purchase before the end of 2017, the Shockwave will be posted out to you for free. Saving you that extra postage charge.

Buy your Shockwave HERE.
Shockwave Bluetooth Liner


  • Avatar
    Candy Rios
    Aug 31, 2017

    Love that red shockwave helmet2.0

  • Avatar
    George Ferree
    Sep 1, 2017

    Bought one your helmets with a Shockwave last spring. Nice, but could be much better. The face piece needs to be much easier to remove, especially with gloves on. The rubber cover for the charge port doesn't stay in place. That sucks, but it sounds like you addressed that with the new 2.0. The control buttons are inconvenient, especially compared to my previous helmet, which has the CHIPS Universal Helmet Audio System, by Outdoor Tech. It works with one-finger taps on the outside of the ear flaps. MUCH more convenient. I see that on 2.0 the buttons are "easier to access." That's great, but I'd like to see a picture of the controls before I buy 2.0. Is that possible?

  • Avatar
    Ralph Paeyeneers
    Sep 6, 2017

    When I bought the reaper helmet I couldn't afford the shockwave and I noticed you guys are having a sale on them for pre-order can you tell me how much one would cost for my reaper? And how would I pre-order it ?

  • Avatar
    Dec 21, 2017

    Recomended for people with no ears (or a very small one). I have problem to put on helmet with installed shockwave 2.0. Speakers (they are thicker and bigger) are pressing hardly my ears. I don’t have any problem with previos version. The 1.0 version is very comfortable and fits very well to my head.

  • Avatar
    Dec 26, 2017

    Received the Shockwave 2.0 as a Christmas present and having now fitted it into my (previously snug & well fitted) helmet, I too have uncomfortable pressure around my jaw bones and ears. I struggle to pull the helmet wide enough to be able to get it over my ears at all with the Shockwave 2.0 installed. It feels as though I need to upsize the helmet now for it to be comfortable but that will obviously make it too big everywhere else. Also in order to recharge the unit the whole thing needs to be removed from the helmet to access the zip which is a pain. I have to concur with the previous comment. It feels like it needs more work, especially on the fit.

    • Avatar
      David Brown
      Dec 29, 2017

      Unfortunately, I have to agree with the previous comments from Bart, Justin, and Andy. I could barely get the helmet on after installing the shockwave 2.0. There is no way I could wear it on the mountain for a full day, I had to take it off after 5 minutes. My ears were plugged and squeezed from the tightness that the music doesn't come through clear. Also all the poppers don't line up I can only get 4 of the 6 to line up and lock in. It seemed secure enough anyway I'm not worried about that part but it's just too tight still, such a bummer. I have no doubt this is hard item to engineer considering all the variables of different head sizes of people and such but I was expecting more functionality. Without the shockwave addition the regular helmet features are beautiful and seem to fit nicely. Looks like I'll just have to go without the shockwave.

  • Avatar
    Mitja Skuver
    Jan 3, 2018

    I completely agree with the previous comments regarding sizing issue.I just tried Shockwave 2.0 on my helmet, which was a perfect fit without the audio system. I managed to properly install Shockwave 2.0, with all the poppers aligned. It was fiddly but not impossible.But now, it is very hard to even put the helmet on my head, not to mention the unbearable pressure and squeezing on my ears where the headphones are. Cannot wear the helmet for more than 5 minutes. I was really looking forward to rocking Shockwave 2.0 as it is almost a necessity for the full face helmet but no way this will work.This has to be some engineering fault. I just hope to be able to do a return or exchange for the next version, which I hope it will come soon and be better than 2.0. Ruroc?

  • Avatar
    Rasmus Stoltenberg
    Jan 8, 2018

    Just got the shockwave trough the Norwegian retailer, and i can agree with most above. its a really tight fit now, with a lot of pressure on the jawbones and ears. which is a real shame was looking forward for a good solution.. but looks like im going back to the "DIY" with some koss porta pro speakers taped inside..

  • Avatar
    Feb 14, 2018

    Hey Guys!I am really sorry about this issue and thanks for your patience.You might have already received an email from us with detailed information regarding the Shockwave fitting issues. If you haven't done yet, please email [email protected] and the Ruroc crew we'll be able to help immediately!Kind Regards

  • Avatar
    Rudy Chirinos
    Feb 25, 2018

    Elijah and the RuRoc Customer Service, I agree with Justin, Andy, and Mitja. I measured my head circumference at 59.5 cm and found that the M/L helmet fit snug, however, I found the helmet too tight around the ears with the shockwave 2.0 headphones installed. I ordered a L/XL helmet as well as the L/XL shockwave to see if this works. Would you recommend purchasing an Asian fit helmet in M/L, which is wider in the horizontal axis to compensate for the speakers bulging into the ears? I'm leaving for Aspen this coming weekend and was hoping to sport my new gear on the slopes and terrain park. Worst case scenario is I purchase a set of Bose ear buds and stick with my M/L helmet.Yours very sincerely,RudyRodolfo E. Chirinos, MD

    • Avatar
      Mar 7, 2018

      Hey Rudy!Thanks fro your message.I can see that we have already sorted your issue out via email :) Please send us an email to [email protected] if you have any other questions :)Kind Regards