Black Viper Mask
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High Impact Mask Black with Green Clips and Gasket Преглед отблизо

Black Viper Mask

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Ever been stuck in whiteout with a wet bandana? It's not fun I'll tell you that much for free. Gear up with a Ruroc helmet system and defend yourself from rocks, rails and sub-zero windchill with the Ruroc High-Impact Face Mask.

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Orange Optic Low Light MagLens

Orange Optic Low Light MagLens
Orange Optic Low Light MagLens

Clear MagLenses

Clear MagLenses
Clear MagLenses

Adverse Weather Lens Pack

Adverse Weather Lens Pack
Adverse Weather Lens Pack

Product Information

What you need to know!

High Impact Mask Black with Green Clips and Gasket

Riding Ruroc means you know the value of getting out early to cut the first lines down the mountain. It means you know the value of pushing yourself harder than the next guy.

The Ruroc mask is the signature piece of the Ruroc RG-1 and RG1-DX helmet system.

Locking the High-Impact Mask in place makes you push yourself harder and faster than you ever have before, and the spring loaded clips make it easy to do, even with gloves on!

With a reinforced mask and an inner foam coating, say hello to enhanced safety and goodbye to goggle fog and wet bandanas, from condensation build up! 

Technical Specification

The awesome stuff

Impact MaskNew for 2016 - Spring Loaded Clips + Reinforced anti-condensation liner
Impact Mask TestingImpact Tested at -20°!
Backwards CompatibilityYes and no... This is compatible with all original RG-1, RG1-X and RG1-DX helmets. However, it may need more of a push with helmets bought before September 2016.

Tune into the mountain. Go Faster With Sound™.

The new Shockwave Bluetooth Audio system from Ruroc. Fully compatible with all Ruroc helmets constructed from September 2016! Simply pull off the neck liner in your Ruroc helmet, and clip in the meanest on mountain audio system around. Accept calls or turn up the music using the control panel on the underside of the liner.

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