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Ruroc in Motorsport

Ruroc have a proud history of involvement in motorsport. Though primarily developed as a snowsports helmet, we've successfully crossed over to a number of motorsports series and the helmet is used most notably by some of the top F1 teams.

Ruroc RG-1 helmets are considerably lighter than a traditional pit crew motorcycle helmet, are easy to assemble, and have minimal restriction on head movement.

Our full field 180 degree goggles provide unparalleled vision. The integrated goggle and helmet patented airflow system prevents goggle fogging in any weather conditions. For night racing we provide low light lens' or you can choose from our range of iridescent coloured lenses to match your gear

Distinctive Design

Behind the helmet

With a look that's synonymous with the top tiers of racing, the sleek design is iconic in the sport.

Ruroc works with teams of all sizes, and can provide anything from standard units to fully customised design.

For all enquiries please contact [email protected]