Titan Magloc Goggles
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Titan Magloc Goggles

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The MagLoc goggle system is a giant leap in Magnetic goggle technology. We've taken the ease of switching out a magnetic goggle, and combined it with the security of an in-frame goggle. Have a crash in these and you'll never lose a lens again.


Rose Clarity Low Light MagLens

Rose Clarity Low Light MagLens
Rose Clarity Low Light MagLens

DX Shockwave 2.0 Bluetooth Audio

DX Shockwave 2.0 Bluetooth Audio
DX Shockwave 2.0 Bluetooth Audio

Adverse Weather Lens Pack

Adverse Weather Lens Pack
Adverse Weather Lens Pack

Product Information

What you need to know!

Titan Magloc Goggles
Nobody locks down their lenses like Ruroc do! Gone are the days of bailing and watching your lens get carved up by a passing skier. 
We are the first on the market with a ventilated magnetic lens. What that means is, we rock. Your lenses wont fog and we still boast one of the largest vertical and horizontal fields of view on the market!
With unimpaired 180° peripheral vision, enhanced with the Ruroc RAID anti-fog system, you're guaranteed precision optical clarity in any situation.
Simply put - riding the MagLoc is like riding with a widescreen UHD TV in your face... Just remember that the tree hurtling towards you at 80mph is real... 

Technical Specification

The awesome stuff

GoggleMagLoc Goggle with colour matched magnetic lens
Safety CertificationDual Pane lens and UV400 certified
TechnologyThe Patented RAID™ System
Goggle StrapSilicon backed for extra grip!
Magnetic LensThe most magnetic there is!
Backwards CompatibilityHell Yeah! This product is compatible with all Ruroc RG-1, RG1-X and RG1-DX models.
UV Filter Rating[S4] Very High Sun Protection Filter. (Optimal Visibility in high mountains & Glaciers)
UV Filter Percentage[S4] 3% - 8%
Included LensS4 Gold Iridescent Lens

Tune into the mountain. Go Faster With Sound™.

The new Shockwave Bluetooth Audio system from Ruroc. Fully compatible with all Ruroc helmets constructed from September 2016! Simply pull off the neck liner in your Ruroc helmet, and clip in the meanest on mountain audio system around. Accept calls or turn up the music using the control panel on the underside of the liner.

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