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Atlas Sport

Road Mode [Sport]

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  • ECE 22.05 (EU Motor Cert)
  • DOT (US Motor Cert)

About the Atlas Sport

Atlas Sport stands at the vanguard of helmet innovation and engineering. It's outer shell is constructed using a next generation material that is both lighter and stronger than Carbon Fibre.

Attack the road with the ATLAS Sport Full-Face in Road-Mode. Compact, lightweight and aerodynamically design for minimal wind resistance and maximum performance.

ATLAS is comprised of a multi-layer construction that fuses M-Forge Fibres with EPP to form a world-class Rebound Protection System. 

Competition ready. UK Gold and US Highest Comp Standard Certified. Hungry for speed? This beast is.

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  • Core Black
  • Arctic White
  • Camo Green
  • Gunship Grey
  • Crimson Red
  • Marine Blue
  • Scorched Copper



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Stronger and lighter than Carbon.

Enhanced M-FORGE® Fibre Technology.

Ruroc has made a strategic alliance with the material engineers who created the world's lightest and most resilient protective material used in the helmet industry.

The M-FORGE® Composite, used to construct the ATLAS sport, boast a 30% weight reduction in comparison to full Carbon Fibre SNELL rated shells. The fusion of a uniquely engineered Expanded Poly-Propylene liner with the newly developed M-FORGE® Composite has delivered impact results far great than ever seen with a Carbon Fibre helmet.

Powerful beyond measure.

M-FORGE® tested to the limits.

DRI's (Dramatic Roll Impacts) are among the biggest risks to high velocity motorsports enthusiasts. M-FORGE® boasts vastly improved repeated low energy impact management and higher fracture resilience versus Carbon. M-FORGE®/EPP fusion tests show consistent performance long after a series of 24 high-velocity impacts. Competitor Carbon Fibre helmets failed fatally after just 12 impacts.

  • More Ventilation. Less Noise.

    Our patented AirRaid System.

    AirRaid is our patented air flow system that prevents overheating and eradicates fogging. Its design is based around channels and exit ports within the helmet that act as a passive vacuum, essentially sucking hot air off the head and out the helmet

  • The Most Versatile Helmet Ever

    Change the game in an instant

    The Atlas Sport Is the world’s first, true dual sport helmet. It’s configuration options allow you to ride trail, or road, at a moment’s notice. Simply switch your loadout using our easy-to- follow instruction manual that comes with the helmet. Where will you ride?

  • The first of it's kind.

    A helmet designed like no other.

    The Fighter-Class helmet has been recognized as an entirely new category of helmet within the industry. It allows you to swing open the mask giving you not only the comfort you require but also freedom and flexibility needed during your riding sessions.

Upgrade your Atlas

Preorders available May 29th

Shockwave Preview Image


Bluetooth Audio System

  • Pilot to Pillion Intercom Function
  • GPS audio link
  • Volume/Skip Song/Answer Call/Reject Call Control Panel

Shockwave Bluetooth Audio System. Shock and Water Resistant. Designed specifically for Atlas use. Tune into the Road. Go Faster With Sound.

Magloc Preview Image


Magnetic Goggle System

  • The world's first fully ventilated magnetic lens
  • Super crisp HD Iridescent lenses
  • Expansive peripheral vision

Change your perspective in an instant. The only motorsports goggles on the market with a 3 second lens change time so you can adjust with the journey.

Technical Specification

Under the hood

  • Weight
    1175g +/- 50g
  • Shockwave Compatible
    ATLAS Shockwave - With Pilot to Pillion Intercom
  • Chinstrap
    Magnetic Fidlock Buckle - The easiest to use chinstrap available on the market!
  • Comfort
    Single piece, removable, washable comfort liner. Silver nano-coated to prevent bacteria build-up
  • Safety Certification
    DOT FMVSS 218 + ECE 22.05 + 2 x Competition Certifications (UK Gold and US Highest Comp Standard)
  • Technology
    The Patented RAID™ System
  • ATLAS Peak Compatible
  • AT-Blade Visor Compatible
  • AT-MagLoc Compatible
  • Shell Construction
    Next Gen MFORGE Fibres
  • Optics
    Atlas Barrier
  • Impact Protection
    Rebound Protection (EPP)

Atlas Sizing Guide

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    • 24.80"+

Atlas stands at the vanguard of engineering and innovation. Both Sport & Origin models have re-imagined helmet design and performance entirely. Origin has been hailed as an entirely new category of helmet, and Sport has been created in conjunction with world renowned material engineers to design a stronger & lighter than carbon material known as M-FORGE®. Mount up. Ride Atlas.